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Fruity Fennel Salad

When I went to the grocery store the last time, I came across a heart shaped bulb. It had some leafy green feathers with ranges of whites and pale coloring in the bulb itself. This nutritious bulb is widely used in European cuisines, and possible in Greek and Mediterranean as well. Yes, that's right, we are preparing a dish today with the Fennel bulb.

Fennel can be a little chewy as it has a lot of fibers. You may want to use a food processor to make tiny pieces the easy way. Some people go about shredding the bulb as well. To each their own!

The following recipe consists of fresh fruits that were available for me. Feel free to add any more you crave for!


1 Fennel Bulb [remove the leafy greens, save it for your morning smoothies ;)]

1 Peach

1 Apple

1 Pint Strawberries

Few Assorted Oranges

1 Pomegranate


  • Wash all fruits and fennel bulb, and wipe dry.

  • Chop all fruits, and mix them well

  • use a food processor or shredder for the fennel bulb

  • mix all ingredients and enjoy!

I didn't use any salad dressings for this salad as the fresh fruits and the fennel mixing together creates a magnificent palate of flavors.

Let's Taste Divine!

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