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Chunky Cherry Salsa

I was grocery shopping at my local grocers, and saw a fresh bag of cherries and this recipe comes to mind for a hearty and delicious summer.


2 cups of fresh pitted cherries,

3 tomatoes (I peel the skin by boiling them little in warm water for 2 min)

2 bell papers, any color. Roast them on flame.

1 medium size onion’

1 inch ginger, 3 green chilies (you can use jalapeno adjust your spice level)

Few pods of garlic

Cilantro and lemon juice

Dry ingredients:

1 tablespoon of Coarsely crushed cumin and coriander seeds,

Salt per taste

Red chili flakes (as per your taste)

Dash of sugar


Put tomatoes, roasted bell paper in a food processer. Churn them. Once they are chunky enough take them out in a mixing bowl. Then add onion, green chilies and lemon juice. Again, churn them into small chunks. Place them in the same mixing bowl. Add cherries in the food processor but be careful with the churning time if you want chunky otherwise it will be a pulp. Once done with cherries add them with the same mixing bowl.

Now mix them well by adding dry ingredients.

Serve with nachos!

Let's Taste Divine!

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