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Living a simple life with a minimalist twist

Let’s just ponder: Is there any amount of money or any number of materialistic objects that can keep a person's life-long happy and satisfied? How many accessories do you really need to keep you smiling forever? How many pots, pans, and crockeries do you need to make delicious food?

If you get an answer you are lucky.

I got mine during this pandemic situation. I noticed that almost 75% of clothes are unused. I know a really well-established businessman, who has only 3 pairs of jeans 5 to 6 t-shirts for routine wear, 2 pieces of formal suits, nearly 3 shoes, and one exclusive party wear. That’s all! But still, he is flourishing his business every single year and always cheerful.

Just take a moment and retrospect:

How much you have spent on unnecessary things from your earning and you never or hardly few times used it, such as a wristwatch, perfumes, clothes, shoes, socks – single lost pair of the sock; handbags or purses, decorative items, just got in sale or clearance, matching make up items, shampoos, hair and face packs, soaps, combs, all kind of brushes, dozens of towels and hand towels, bedspreads and so on….

I think we spent a lot more on unnecessary items than the necessity. Then we work harder to acquire and lose all hard earn money.

Thus, it is very simple, that we keep our lives simple. Limit your unnecessary necessity.

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Till then, Let's Taste Divine!

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