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What is Holistic Living?

A simple realistic definition of holistic living means, a living that was well crafted by our ancestors but corrupted by us.

Holistic living is not a fashion sense but heritage which was well designed and a tailor-made program for everyone to living good healthy and spiritual life. People were happy and healthy with minimum facilities.

You have always seen elderly people and seniors having spark in their eyes while narrating their glorious past and lifestyle.

If you are blessed to have still your grandparents, senior family members, take advantage of their knowledge as they have practical wisdom.

Ask them about their daily routine, childhood, lifestyle, daily living, and facilities what they had? Their experiences and expressions when they have seen first time bulb, fan, radio, a black and white tv, scooter/bike, etc. How they celebrated festivals, rituals, preparation of traditional food, in door and our door games, school system, disciplines and most important time and money management/saving for future to live comfortable life!

They will surely cherish the glorious moments with us.

We have drawn ourselves so far away from our culture. It is time to follow holistic living.

I would like to quote Aristotle:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. It relates well with the topic of holistic living.

The parts/foundations are as follows:

  • Taking care of own entire self: mind, body, soul, and emotions. If any among four of them get disturbed there will an imbalance in our life.

  • Eat healthy, wholesome, fresh food.

  • Exercise daily. Let yoga and meditation be a part of your holistic living.

  • Feel good and be good always. Your smile and happiness are your precious jewel.

  • Love Nature and natural.

  • The last but not the least. Be helpful to community. Volunteer without expectations.

Let hold hand of each other and lead to holistic living.

Let's Taste Divine!

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