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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog. What I present here is my daily routine that I have learned and implemented as a integrated part of my life style; inherited by my grandparents, parents, relatives, in-laws, neighbors and from my observation; including social media! I believe in simplicity and minimalistic life style. You may also find it quite simple. As everyone has their own way, style, and comfort to deal with their daily chores.

As my friends and colleges have shown their interest to learn from me. I feel so grateful for their interest and faith in me. I will also give some address and names from where I usually buy authentic groceries, it might be helpful if you are in Greater Toronto Area. Now days it is available almost in every Canadian stores, including Costco. For organic foods, I prefer stores like Whole Foods, No-frills, Healthy Planet and Natures Source. For Indian stores, I like to visit mostly Om India and Subzi Mandi.

So, welcome to my journey. I hope you are as excited as I am. Please be sure to subscribe to the website to stay up to date on all things Holistic Living. Let’s Taste Divine!

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