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Spring Detox

A year has passed by and we are all surviving this pandemic like warriors! To support yourself, your mind and being a support system to your family, friends and last but not the least, to the Nation by following the harsh rules and living aloof; it is import to detox your body and mind a few times a year.

Forget whatever is gone, it's not coming back. So, let's welcome the new begninning in this new season. Replace you winter clothes with spring apparel, winter boots to summer slides, woolen heavy scarves to light cotton scarves, and so on.

Declutter the garage, find your planting pots and start seeding.

You can create your own spring cleaning list accordingly as your needs persist.

What is detox?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is a period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your healthy.

Some sort of most visible benefits are:

  • best way to eliminate toxins from body

  • clarify and purify skin and internal organs

  • give fuel to your cells

  • get rid of winter blues

  • prepare your body to welcome a new season

How to detox?

Plan days for detox, set an intention towards completion. Do not jump into it. Sometimes, your body denies for the sudden changes. Do a little at a time. For example, if you are currently cosuming a bagel and a coffee for breakfast every morning. You can try to detoxify away from coffee by consuming green tea and whole wheat pancakes with fruits. You can plan and modify each meal slowly this way. Find healthier substitutes that your body is accomodated to already and slowly phase them out.

For detoxes like a juice detox, it doesn't mean that you need to buy your juices at a store. You can very easily make them at home as well. You can experiment with loaded green leafed vegetables, beet roots, cucumber, carrots, oranges, etc. Mix and match. Add bitter fruits and vegetable to get more benefits.

Alternatively for a light detox, you can avoid ingredients like sugar, white flour, processed food, fried food, and any packaged food.

Sometimes try a clear soup detox. There is nothing right or wrong. Enjoy whatever you choose to do. There is no commitment but your promise to yourself to live a healthy life. Love nature and natural.

Let's Tase Divine!

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